George's & Kate's Wedding Highlights

This is the highlights video of George's & Kate's wedding day at The Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Suffolk. This was set in a beautiful area and the sun even stayed with for the entire ceremony, which rounded off a perfect day. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Blackwell. We wish you all the best!

Jamie's & Nicola's Photo Shoot

This is a photo montage taken from a video I was asked to produce of a wedding that was filmed in Kefalonia. The footage was taken from camcorders owned by the fathers of the bride and groom which proved tricky as the image quality differed greatly between them. Despite this the scenery was so beautiful it was impossible to not enjoy doing this.

Gayle's & Peter's Wedding Highlights

This is a highlights video of a wedding I was asked to film at Canford School. I had never been to this venue but it turned out to be a beautiful setting to compliment the day.

Alex's & becky's Wedding Highlights

This is the highlights video of Alex' & Becky's wedding day. It was held at the Roslin Beach Hotel on a grey, snowy day but despite these conditions it didn't dampen any spirits and it turned out to be a wonderful day from start to finish and was fantastic fun to film

The Past

I thought I'd start my blog off with an example of my work I have done in the past. It is actually a piece of work that I did while studying at the SAE Institute in London. I had to do the sound design for the first 6 minutes of a film called Deathwatch starring Andy Serkis, Jamie Bell & others. Obviously the footage isn't mine and we were given the recorded dialogue to link up with the timecode but all foley and sound effects I have inserted. Oh, and I had to record a bit of ADR ( Additional Dialogue Recording) which I did myself, see if you can spot it.